Green Propolis from Brazil

Propolis is composed mainly by the plant exudates and resins that are gathered bees. The bees add wax, pollen and some secretions to it and all this help to make up what we refer to as propolis. The composition of propolis depends on some factors such as its botanical and geographical origin, hive and weather. The plants that are harvested by bees are different, that the composition of propolis can never be the same. So, apart from the well-known dark brown propolis, it can also be green, black and red. Though the composition of propolis differs greatly depending on their botanical source, their biological effect is somewhat similar.

The best propolis in the world is the Brazilian green propolis and it is renowned for its astounding benefits and potency. The main source of the Brazilian green propolis is the wax of Braccharis dracunculifolia: which is a medical tree found in Brazil. It is used mainly for it anti-inflammatory and antiulcer properties which is why the green propolis is used in the treatment of inflammatory and gastro-intestinal diseases. Due to the source, it contains the largest amount of flavonoids and it comes from an unpolluted source.

Characteristics of Brazilian green propolis

This Propolis contains balsamic and non-balsamic properties. Which means it has a plant derived a non-plant derived substances in it. The balsam component is collected from the glue and waxes of Braccharis and the non-balsamic component is made of constituents and secretions added by the bees.

The Brazilian green propolis is collected and produced by the Africanized bees and this makes it unique, it has an active ingredient referred to as Artepillin-C which is an antioxidant and very potent remedy for bacterial, fungal and viral diseases. It also has immunomodulatory and anti-inflammatory effect. It should be noted that the anti-cancerous effect of green propolis is still being studied.

Importance and Health benefits of Brazilian Green Propolis

Natural antibiotic: Brazilian green propolis provides natural defense against bacteria and viruses and it is safe for regular usage. Brazilian Green Propolis has been demonstrated to help ameliorate influenza symptoms.

Brazilian Green Propolis also protect against damage of nerve cells: It functions as an anti-oxidant to protect nerve cells and helps prevent brain injury.

Green propolis help to boost immunity: It does this by strengthening the body cells and protecting them against infections.

It also helps to improve the heart and circulatory health:  The flavonoids in Brazilian Green Propolis have strong anti-oxidant properties that reduce triglycerides levels, support health blood lipids, enhance good cholesterol and blood pressure levels.

Cancer therapy: Green propolis is found to help inhibit cancer cell growth. Although still under research, the suppression of the cancer cells growth is believed to be associated with Artepillin-C, found exclusively in Brazilian Green Propolis.

Anti-inflammatory and anti-ulcer: Brazilian green propolis helps reduce allergies and itchiness and as earlier mentioned, it is proven to reduce the occurrence of ulceration.

Prevention of diabetic complications: Brazilian Green Propolis supports cellular regeneration and promotes wound healing. It helps to repair and revive pancreatic cells to balance blood insulin levels and regulate blood sugar to a healthy level.
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green propolis2
Brazilian Green Propolis by BR Vita
Brazilian Green Propolis by BR Vita



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